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As you may know, 22 veterans a day commit suicide in our country. That's 660 a month. More than 8,000 per year. MontemAra seeks to help reduce that number to ZERO by assisting our Veterans in a way that allows them to be fully-functioning in a community designed with their needs in mind.

As a veterans advocate, you know that our heroes many times serve our country proudly, and return home to realize that they are no longer comfortable living in a society which makes demands they simply can't meet. Our men and women are struggling with financial instability, medical uncertainties and, all too often, homelessness.  

In fact, the state of Colorado spent more than $5 million between 2010 and 2014 to criminalize homelessness. There was a 13% increase in homeless residents from 2015 to 2016, and an 24% increase in homeless veterans. However, it costs $20 thousand more per resident per year to keep a homeless person on the streets than it is to house the same person.

MontemAra is a 15 acre village for homeless veterans and patriots in southern Colorado. Well... it will be. Right now, it is a 15 acre plot in Costilla County, just 6 miles east of the Rio Grande and 10 miles north of the New Mexico line. It is barren, desolate and arid. There is currently no water or electricity, and nothing but prarie grasses and brush grow. MontemAra WILL be an adobe villagette for homeless heros. Priority service will be given to honorably discharged veterans. However, anyone wanting to live and thrive in a Constitutional society with others of like mind is welcome to join us. 

You can help us with our Groundbreaking by sending an urgently needed contribution to MontemAra today. Here’s what your tax-deductible donation can provide: 

  • $10 will provide a hygiene kit for an incoming participant
  • $22 will provide a brick and plate for our memorial garden
  • $50 will provide 30 packets of heirloom vegetable seeds
  • $100 will provide materials for 10 sqft of home and structure building
  • $217 will provide one month's land payment
  • $5000 will provide all of the materials for our fencing
  • $12000 will provide the total needed to pay off our land 
Monthly options available here

The road to MontemAra is uphill and trying. But the rewards are immeasurable. With your support, we will impact lives and change futures. 


With Gratitude,


Crystina Page





Become a Volunteer

Our program survives and thrives only because of our volunteers. Whether you are ready to dig holes for fencing, haul materials and supplies or make phone calls - we're ready for your help! Call today to speak with a volunteer cordinator who can get you plugged in to the project suited to your skills and experience.
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We believe that each person has a right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. But along with these rights comes the responsibility to go after them! 

At MontemAra, we are building a community of individuals who wish to live by these principles. 

Please join us! From our website, you may make donations, sign up to volunteer, or join our mailing list to receive the most up-to-date information on our project. 

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