This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, David Jaxon Page, also known as Jax Taveus Phalen. He was born on June 26th 1999 in Denver CO and passed away on September 29 2019 in Monument CO at the age of 20. 

David's family tree was extensive. He had so many people who love him that sometimes the branches just seemed to spring out of nowhere. 

Mother, Crystina Page (f/k/a Jennifer Albertus)
Father, Dan Phalen
Joined by David's other "moms" and dads": Shawn Steinmetz, Teresa Reyes, Hector Cruz
Grandmother, Kathy David (Bruno)
Uncle, Michael Albertus
Brothers and Sisters, Toni, Tricia and Tysius Phalen; Kailynn and Cisco Page; Christopher Santiago; Cheyenne Steinmetz; Tiffany Phalen

David was intelligent, loving and passionate. His dream was to raise endangered animals in his own private wilderness. He loved fiercely and lived life of his own terms.
David often didn't understand - or comply with - society's expectations and pushed boundaries to challenge himself and others.
He struggled for years with his mental health and finally gave up on the system that failed him.

We wish David to be remembered as the young man who carried his own version of sunshine with him and dared each of us to challenge boundaries and blaze new paths.

A memorial service will be held in Monument CO on Saturday October 19th at 1830 followed by a family service at MontemAra in the Spring, where his memorial will be erected in honor of his life and the love he shared. 

We have chosen to use MontemAra's fundraising capabilities instead of another fundraising platform such as GoFundMe, due to costs and delays involved in some of these other platforms. All funds raised through MontemAra for David Page's family will be used to pay for final expenses and to continue to honor his life and memory. 

Mom's Blog

In the two months since David was killed, I've found myself living in this strange new world where "normal" is anything but. I want to scream and yell and I can't. I want to cry. And I do a lot of that. I want answers, and I have none. Instead I am lied to and brushed aside by the very same people who I am supposed to trust for a complete and thorough investigation. This new world is scary, unstable and unjust.

Mostly, I want to hug my son. I want to understand what was going through his mind during the 15 hours he stood alone. I want to know that he knew how much I loved him and always will. I want to know if he had feelings of anger or peace in his final moments. 

I want to know he won't be forgotten. 

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